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New Space-Grade Planar Transformers for Power Conversion Solutions

SGTPL-2516 Series
SGTPL-2516 Series

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of planar transformers that are specially designed for power conversion tasks. These transformers, known as the Vishay Custom Magnetics SGTPL-2516 series, are smaller, more cost-effective, and denser compared to traditional ones. They're built to meet strict standards for space-grade applications. These transformers are made to handle tough conditions, featuring a sturdy design with molded windings. They can operate at high temperatures up to +130 °C, making them suitable for demanding environments. They come in different sizes and can be easily connected through holes. Operating within a frequency range of 80 kHz to 300 kHz, these transformers can withstand high voltages up to 1500 VAC. They can handle a power of up to 150 W and have low leakage inductance of 0.5 mH. Overall, these transformers are ideal for applications like power supplies, converters, and other power conversion tasks where reliability and efficiency are crucial.

The transformers in the SGTPL-2516 series have a special design and construction method that allows them to use more copper. This means they can be smaller, work more efficiently, and handle more power. Also, their winding technique makes it easy to adjust them to fit specific needs, like voltage or size, without needing special tools. These transformers go through thorough testing to make sure they meet certain standards. They're available with different levels of testing, depending on what's needed for the specific design.


  • Unique winding structure for higher copper fill factor
  • Smaller package size
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Increased power density
  • Customizable design without tooling charges
  • Rigorous screening including MIL-STD-981 standards


  • Power supplies
  • Converters
  • Power conversion tasks
  • Space-grade applications
  • Harsh environments


Both samples and production quantities of these transformers are currently available, with lead times of eight weeks for devices with P level screening and 21 weeks for devices with S level screening.

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