New OptiMOS Packages in TOLx Family Released for Improved TCoB Robustness and Superior Thermal Performance

OptiMOS power MOSFET Packages in TOLx Family
OptiMOS power MOSFET Packages in TOLx Family
OptiMOS power MOSFET Packages in TOLx Family

Intended to offer more choice to power system designers, Infineon Technologies has introduced diverse design options that can offer maximum performance in the smallest space. The company has introduced two new OptiMOS power MOSFET packages to its TOLx family in the innovative TO-Leadless (TOLL) package. 


The TOLG (TO-Leaded with Gullwing leads) and TOLT (TO-Leaded Top-side cooling) devices offer low RDS(on) and a high-current rating over 300 A to increase system efficiency in high-power density designs. In a 10x11 mm2 footprint, the TOLG package provides the electrical performance as TOLL with additional flexibility compared to D2PAK 7-pin. The TOLG packages are particularly apparent in designs with aluminum-insulated metal substrate (Al-IMS) boards.


Over time, temperature cycling on board (TCoB) causes a crack in the solder joint between the package and the PCB. The flexible gullwing leads of the TOGL package provide excellent solder joint robustness. This, in turn, improves the product reliability in applications where repetitive temperature cycling takes place.


The TOLT package is constructed with a lead-frame flipped to position exposed metal on the top side, it also contains multiple gullwing leads on each side of high current carrying drain and source connections. Compared to the TOLL bottom-side cooling package, the TOLT improves R thJA, by 20 percent and R thJC by 50 percent.


Features of TOLx Package

  • Low RDS(on)
  • High current rating
  • Lower ringing and voltage overshoot compared to D²PAK
  • Reduction in conduction losses
  • High power density
  • System efficiency
  • Extended lifetime 
  • High efficiency by lower switching losses and lower EMI


Note: More technical information can be found in the TOLx Package MOSFET Datasheet and on the TOLx package OptiMOS power MOSFETs product page.

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