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New Hot-Swap ASFETs with Enhanced SOA Performance Minimize Derating and Improve Current Sharing

Hot-Swap ASFETs
Hot-Swap ASFETs

Nexperia has announced new PSMN4R2-80YSE (80V, 4.2mΩ) and PSMN4R8-100YSE (100V, 4.8mΩ) hot-swap ASFETs with enhanced SOA performance, targeting soft-start applications in 5G telecom systems & 48 V server environments and industrial equipment needing e-fuse and battery protection. The new hot-swap ASFETs use a combination of the latest silicon technology and copper-clip package construction to significantly strengthen the Safe Operating Area and minimize PCB area. Moreover, these products are just 5 mm x 6 mm x 1.1 mm, offering reductions of 80 % and 75 % for PCB footprint and device height respectively.


These rugged ASFETs eliminate the Spirito effect and increase SOA by 166 % at 50 V. These hot-swap ASFETs are packaged in the Power-SO8 compatible LFPAK56E and the unique internal copper-clip construction of the package improves thermal and electrical performance whilst substantially reducing footprint size. These devices also feature a maximum junction temperature of 175 °C, meeting IPC9592 regulations for telecoms and industrial applications.



  • Fully optimized Safe Operating Area (SOA) for superior linear mode operation

  • Low RDSon for low I2R conduction losses

  • LFPAK56E package for applications that demand the highest performance and reliability in a 30 mm2 footprint



  • Hot-swap

  • Load switch

  • Soft start

  • E-fuse

  • Telecommunication systems based on a 48 V backplane/supply rail

Component Datasheet

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