New Applications Specific FETs (ASFETs) with Parameter Optimization for Battery Isolation, Motor Control, Hot-Swap, and PoE Applications

Nexperia's Application-Specific FETs
Nexperia's Application-Specific FETs
Nexperia's Application-Specific FETs

Nexperia has introduced the new Application-Specific FETs (ASFETs) that feature MOSFETs with optimized parameters for specific applications. The new ASFETs are designed for battery isolation, motor control, hot-swap, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications.


Each parameter such as the core silicon technology, the chip design, the package, and the manufacturing and test procedures of the ASFETS can be optimized to satisfy the requirements of individual applications for delivering the ultimate performance of a specific application or functionality.


The ASFETs for Battery Isolation has been designed for multi-cell lithium-ion battery packs for ensuring that the significant discharge caused by a fault condition is managed in a controlled manner until the battery is safely isolated and the system is switched off.


The ASFETs for DC motor controls can handle the current drain of up to 300A in a Power-SO8 package. This provides high protection during high-torque start-up situations or fault conditions.


Features of New Application-Specific FETs (ASFETs)

  • 3x-5x improvement in Safe Operating Ares (SOA) for hot-swap applications
  • Maximum current ratings in excess of 300 A for motor applications
  • Offer low RDS(on) and enhanced Safe Operating Area (SOA)
  • Comfortably handle repetitive avalanche currents
  • Maintaining a junction temperature below 175 °C


Note: More technical information can be found in the PSMN1R0-40SSH datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the Application Specific MOSFETs’ Product page.

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