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MPXV5004DP Pressure Sensor

MPXV5004DP is a monolithic silicon pressure sensor from Freescale semiconductor that is a highly sensitive implanted strain gauge. It uses advanced micromachining techniques, bipolar processing, thin-film metallization, useful for accurate pressure sensing. The pressure range provided by this sensor is 3.92 kPa at 400mm H2O. It works with a nominal 4.75V to a maximum of 5.25 VDC supply voltage. However, it typically works with 5.0V DC voltage and requires a maximum of 10mAdc current. The sensitivity is 1.0V/kPa.


It provides an accuracy of ±1.5 %VFSS with autozero up to 100 mm H2O and ±2.5 %VFSS with autozero from 100 to 400 mm H2O, and ±6.25 %VFSS without autozero from 0 to 400 mm H2O.


MPXV5004DP Sensor Pinout Configuration

Pin Number

Pin Name




Do not connect to supply or GND



Voltage Supply






Output voltage



Do not connect to supply or GND



Do not connect to supply or GND



Do not connect to supply or GND



Do not connect to supply or GND


Features and Specifications

  • Range: 0-3.92 kPa Range
  • Accuracy: ±1.5 %VFSS with autozero up to 100 mm H2O and  ±2.5 %VFSS with autozero from 100 to 400 mm H2O, and ±6.25 %VFSS without autozero from 0 to 400 mm H2O.
  • Operating Voltage: 4.75V - 5.25V  (5.0V TYP)
  • Supply current: 10 mAdc (MAX)
  • Maximum pressure: 16 kPa
  • Sensitivity: 1.0V/kPa


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the MPXV5004DP Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.



Replacement of this MPXV5004DP Pressure Sensor-

  1. SPD100G
  2. MPS20N0040D
  3. 24PCEFA6G

Other Pressure Sensor




MPXV5004DP Pressure Sensor - Overview

The pressure sensor is made using a Thermoplastic case. It uses differential sensing elements that are isolated from the environment by Flurorosilicone gel. It has an internal circuit that uses thin-film temperature compensation and calibration circuitry to calibrate the sensor automatically. Below images are showing the Output vs pressure differential with and without autozero.

Output vs Pressure Differential without Autozero

 Output vs Pressure Differential with Autozero


MPXV50004DP Interfacing Diagram

The pressure sensor is designed for microprocessors or microcontrollers that have ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). It provides output voltage in proportion with the pressure sensed by the sensor.


However, proper power supply decoupling of the sensor is also required. The below image is providing a detailed interfacing diagram with any microcontroller unit that has the ADC features inbuilt. If ADC is not available, one can use an external ADC IC to convert the analog data into digital formats.

MPXV50004DP Interfacing Circuit Diagram

In the above image, three decoupling capacitors are used. Out of these three, two are used in the power line and the other one is used in the output.



  • Washing machines
  • Pressure sensor-based microprocessor and microcontroller projects
  • Liquid pressure measurement
  • Liquid level measurement
  • Respiratory applications
  • Industrial Water level sensing


2D and Dimensions

MPX5004DP Dimensions

Dimensions of MPX5004DP

Component Datasheet

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