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Highly Integrated Isolated Real-Time Variable SiC Gate Driver Maximizes EV Driving Range

UCC5880-Q1 Reinforced Isolated Gate Driver
UCC5880-Q1 Reinforced Isolated Gate Driver

Texas Instruments has introduced the new highly integrated, functional safety-compliant, isolated gate driver that enables engineers to design more efficient traction inverters and maximize electric vehicle (EV) driving range. The new UCC5880-Q1 reinforced isolated gate driver offers features that enable EV powertrain engineers to increase power density and reduce system design complexity and cost while achieving their safety and performance goals. 


This device is an isolated, highly configurable adjustable slew-rate gate driver targeted to drive high power SiC MOSFETs and IGBTs in EV/HEV applications. To further reduce the application size, the UCC5880-Q1 integrates an active Miller clamp, and an active gate pull-down while the driver is unpowered. An integrated 10-bit ADC enables monitoring of up to 2 analog inputs, VCC2, DESAT, and the gate driver temperature for enhanced system management.


Moreover, diagnostics and detection functions are integrated to simplify the design of ASIL compliant systems. The parameters and thresholds for these features are configurable using the SPI, which allows the device to be used with nearly any SiC MOSFET or IGBT.



  • Dual output split driver with on-the-fly programmable drive strength

  • Primary and secondary side active short circuit (ASC) support

  • Internal and external supply under-voltage and over-voltage protection

  • Driver die temperature sensing and over temperature protection

  • Integrated 10-bit ADC

  • Advanced VCE/VDS clamping circuit

  • SPI based device reconfiguration, verification, supervision, and diagnosis

  • 100 kV/µs CMTI



  • EV and HEV traction inverter

  • EV and HEV power modules


Availability & Pricing

Preproduction quantities of the automotive-grade, ISO26262-compliant UCC5880-Q1 are now available in a 10.5-mm-by-7.5-mm, 32-pin shrink small-outline package (SSOP). Pricing starts at US$5.90 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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