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Automotive Grade IHSR High Temperature Inductor with Ultra Low DCR designed for Multi-Phase Power Supplies

Automotive Grade IHSR-2525CZ-5A Inductor
Automotive Grade IHSR-2525CZ-5A Inductor

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has announced a new AEC-Q200 qualified IHSR high-temperature inductor that is designed for multi-phase, high current power supplies and filters in automotive under the hood and ADAS applications. The new IHSR-2525CZ-5A inductor in the 7.4 mm by 6.6 mm by 3.0 mm 2525 case size is optimized for energy storage in DC/DC converters up to 10 MHz and high current filtering applications up to the SRF of the inductor. Moreover, with its high operating temperature up to +155 °C, this device is suitable for entertainment/navigation systems, noise suppression for motors, windshield wipers, power mirrors and seats, and heating and ventilation blowers.


The IHSR-2525CZ-5A inductor offers a 50% reduction in DCR over typical power inductors and excellent temperature stability for inductance and saturation compared to ferrite solutions. It features a typical DCR of 0.38 mΩ and inductance of 0.056µH along with a 3 mm profile which enables slimmer end products. Packaged in a 100 % lead (Pb)-free shielded, composite construction that reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels, this inductor offers high resistance to thermal shock, moisture, and mechanical shock, and handles high transient current spikes without saturation.



  • High-temperature rating, up to 155 °C

  • Shielded construction

  • Excellent DC/DC energy storage up to 10 MHz. Filter inductor applications up the SRF (see Standard Electrical Specifications table)



  • Engine and transmission control units

  • Multiphase DC/DC converters for ADAS microprocessors

  • DC/DC converters for entertainment/navigation systems

Component Datasheet

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