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An Application-Specific EZBuck Regulator Featuring Ultrasonic Mode and 5V LDO for Unmatched Power Density Solution

AOZ2295QI-05 Regulator
AOZ2295QI-05 Regulator

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced the highly integrated AOZ2295QI-05 regulator. This particular model stands out in the industry due to its compact footprint, designed to support 5V rails in desktop and laptop computing systems. It incorporates a TON extension mode, allowing it to maintain a stable 5V output even when the battery cell voltage drops as low as 5.5V. Additionally, AOS has implemented its proprietary Constant On-Time architecture, which includes an ultrasonic mode that ensures the operating frequency remains above 30kHz. This helps prevent audible noise issues that can occur when the system's 5V rail operates at a light load with a switching frequency below 20kHz.

In today's high-performance personal computing systems, which often come with additional features and multiple USB Type-C ports, the 5V output current often exceeds 10A. Traditionally, meeting the demands of the 5V rail in such feature-rich systems required a controller with external discrete power FETs or the use of two low-current converters. However, this approach led to increased component count, larger PCB area, and higher system costs. AOS addresses these challenges with its highly integrated solution, which incorporates all the necessary power silicon into a single, thermally enhanced QFN 4mm x 4mm package capable of delivering 12A. This compact design not only reduces the solution size but also offers outstanding efficiency and thermal performance.

The AOZ2295QI-05 also boasts a high level of integration and protection features from AOS' EZBuckTM product family. It includes a PGOOD output, an integrated bootstrap diode, and an integrated soft start. Protection features comprise cycle-by-cycle current limit, short-circuit protection (SCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), and thermal shutdown.



  • Wide input voltage range - 5.5 V to 25 V
  • 12 A continuous output current
  • 16 A output peak current
  • Output voltage: 5.1 V ±2.5%
  • Low RDS(ON) internal NFETs - 7 mΩ high-side - 3.6 mΩ low-side
  • 5 V LDO Output
  • Constant On-Time with input feed-forward
  • Ripple Reduction at light load
  • Ton Extension Mode
  • Ultrasonic Mode
  • Ceramic capacitor stable
  • Adjustable soft start
  • Power Good output
  • Integrated bootstrap diode
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Thermally enhanced 31-pin 4 mm× 4 mm QFN



  • Notebook computers
  • Tablet computers


Availability and Pricing

The AOZ2295QI-05 regulator is now available at $1.48 per unit for quantities of 1,000 pieces.

Component Datasheet

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