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αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFETs in Small DFN8x8 Package offer Well-Balanced Footprint and Thermal Dissipation

αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFETs
αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFETs

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced the release of 600V 110mOhm and 140mOhm αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFETs in DFN8x8 Package that are designed to meet the high efficiency and high-density needs for Quick Charger, Adapter, PC Power, Server, Industrial Power, Telecom, and Hyperscale Datacenter applications. The new AONV110A60 and AONV140A60 MOSFETs in a small package offer a well-balanced footprint and thermal dissipation and also target Solar Micro Inverter and Slim Adapter applications. Moreover, the 64mm² footprint makes these devices ideal for Active Bridge and high-density PFC/Flyback/LLC applications.



  • Low Ohmic devices packaged in 64mm² DFN8x8

  • Package Thickness < 1mm

  • Kelvin Source and Low Eon/Gate Oscillation

  • Automated SMT assembly

  • MSL Level 1 Applications



  • PFC and PWM stages (LLC, FSFB,TTF) of Server

  • Telecom

  • Industrial, UPS, and Solar Inverters


Availability and Pricing

The AONV110A60 and AONV140A60 MOSFETs are now available in production quantities with a lead-time of 24 weeks. The unit price in 1000-piece quantities is $3.96 for AONV110A60 and $3.36 for AONV140A60.

Component Datasheet

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