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αMOS5™ 600V FRD - Robust Super Junction MOSFETs for High Voltage Application in Industrial Powers

αMOS5™ 600V FRD - Robust Super Junction MOSFETs
αMOS5™ 600V FRD - Robust Super Junction MOSFETs

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor unveiled two new αMOS5™ 600V FRD Super Junction MOSFETs. The αMOS5™ platform is known for its high voltage capabilities, catering to various sectors like servers, workstations, telecom rectifiers, solar inverters, EV charging, motor drives, and industrial power applications. Super Junction MOSFETs, especially αMOS5™, are extensively used in various topologies like boost, PFCs, LLC, PSFB, and multi-level inverters due to their efficiency and reliability. The αMOS5™ FRD FETs, designed for fast switching and durability in critical scenarios, boast strong intrinsic body diodes to handle abnormal operations such as short-circuits or start-up transients. Among the new releases, the AOK095A60FD (TO-247) and AOTF125A60FDL (TO-220F) are notable for their 600V FRD FETs with maximum Rdson values of 95mohm and 125mohm respectively. 

FETs prove their robustness even under adverse conditions with high di/dt and elevated junction temperatures of up to 150°C. Moreover, these devices exhibit lower turn-off energy (Eoff) compared to competitors, enhancing efficiency under various load conditions. With the rise of energy storage-ready inverters and the increased use of high voltage batteries in AC-coupled systems, these FETs are positioned for bi-directional DC/DC and inverter/PFC applications, serving diverse power supply, solar PV inverter, and ESS hybrid converter needs.


  • Efficiency: Designed to meet the efficiency demands of modern systems.
  • Density: Enables higher power density in applications.
  • Cost-effective: Aims to lower overall system costs.
  • Robustness: Offers uncompromised robustness for mission-critical applications.


  • Servers & Workstations
  • Telecom Rectifiers
  • Solar Inverters
  • EV Charging
  • Motor Drives
  • Industrial Power Applications

Availability & Pricing

The AOK095A60FD (600V 95mohm TO-247) and AOTF125A60FDL (600V 125mohm TO-220F), both available immediately in production quantities with a 16-week lead time, the unit prices for 1,000-piece quantities are $3.75 and $3.22 respectively.

Component Datasheet

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