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IRF9540 P-channel MOSFET

IRF9540 is a P-channel MOSFET that can drive maximum load current up to -19A and voltage up to -100V. In pulse mode, it can withstand a load up to -72A. IRF9540 is designed to have low on-state resistance and fast switching.

IRF9540 is a rugged device widely used in the application of high voltage drivers, amplification purposes, and fast-switching applications. This device belongs to the TO-220AB package. This package is universally preferring for commercial-industrial applications due to its low cost and low thermal resistance.

The transistor possesses low drain to source resistance that reduces power loss and makes devices more efficient. This MOSFET has low gate driving capability by which users can operate devices directly from the output of ICs or microcontrollers.


IRF9540 Pinout Configuration

Pin No

Pin Name

Pin Description



Depending on the voltage applied to gate terminals, the MOSFET gets turn ON and OFF.



Current goes out from drain pin.



Current enters from source pin.


Features & Specifications

  • P-channel MOSFET
  • Dynamic dv/dt rating
  • Low threshold voltage
  • High-speed switching
  • Low turn-on resistance
  • Repetitive avalanche rated
  • Simple drive requirement
  • Ease of paralleling
  • Drain-to-source voltage VDS: -100 V
  • Maximum Continuous drain current ID: -19 A
  • Maximum Pulse drain current: -72 A
  • Maximum Power dissipation PD: 150 W
  • Gate-to-source voltage VGS: ±20 V
  • Peak diode recovery dv/dt: -5.5 V/ns
  • Total gate charge QG: 61 nC
  • On-state resistance RDS: 0.20 Ω
  • Operating temperature range: -55 to +175 ˚C
  • Transistor Polarity: P-channel
  • Package: TO-220AB

Note: More technical specifications can be found in the IRF9540 datasheet attached at the end of this page.


IRF9540 Equivalent Components

IRF9540PBF, IRF9540PbF-BE3, IRF034, IRF044, 2SJ380, 2SJ412, SIHF9540


Switching Characteristics

  • Turn-on delay time Td(on) = 16 nsec
  • Rise time Tr = 73 nsec
  • Fall time Tf = 57 nsec
  • Turn-off delay time Td(off) = 34 nsec


Simulation of IRF9540 P-channel MOSFET

IRF9540 is a P-channel MOSFET. Here, we will simulate IRF9540 available in proteus. The MOSFET is a power electronics switch that will turn ON when the proper voltage is applied to the gate terminal. IRF9540 is a P-channel MOSFET. Hence, we need to apply a proper negative voltage to turn ON MOSFET.

We use a 1K potentiometer to change the value of the applied voltage. DC voltmeter shows a reading of applied gate voltage. Once, the gate voltage is more than the threshold voltage between drain and source, the MOSFET will turn ON. And the current will pass through the circuit.

A battery and LED are connected in the path of drain-to-source. When the MOSFET is turned ON, the LED will glow. 



  • High power transistor driver application
  • Switching regulator
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Battery management system and battery charger
  • Motor driver applications


2D Model and Dimension

IRF9540 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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