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AO3404 N-Channel MOSFET

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The AO3404 is a small signal TrenchFET MOSFET from Alpha and Omega Semiconductors. These MOSFETs are known for their low on-resistance and low gate charge.


Pin description of AO3404

Pin No:

Pin Name:

Pin Description:



Gate terminal that controls conduction between drain and source



Sources conventional current to ground



Conventional current ‘drains’ into this terminal.


Features of AO3404

  • N-channel MOSFET
  • Drain to source voltage: 30V
  • Drain current: 5.8A
  • Low on-resistance: 28mΩ max at VGS 10V.
  • Gate threshold voltage: 1V to 3V
  • Rise and fall times 3.8ns and 5ns respectively
  • Comes in a SOT-23 package


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the AO3404 datasheet linked at the bottom of the page.


Alternatives for AO3404: AO3401, NCE340, SL3401S

Other N-Channel MOSFETs: IRF3205, IRFZ44, 80N60


Where to Use the AO3404

The AO3404 is a small signal N channel MOSFET with a low on-resistance and low input capacitance (680pF), which means it can be driven directly from a microcontroller pin.

AO3404 Application Circuit

The above figure shows a simple PWM controlled motor driver using the AO3404 acting as a low side switch.


Applications of AO3404

  • Load switch
  • PWM control
  • Power supply
  • Motor drivers
Component Datasheet

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