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TPA3110 Stereo Audio Amplifier Board

The TPA3110 is a filterless class D audio amplifier IC with two channels and is designed to be used in stereo mode. It comes in a convenient module that has all the required peripheral components needed to make it work, with breakout points for the inputs, power supply, and two speakers.


TPA3110 Module Features 

  • Filterless class D amplifier with 15W output per channel
  • 8V to 24V input voltage
  • 30W total output power
  • 10% THD and noise


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the TPA3110 datasheet linked at the end of this page.


How To Use TPA3110 Audio Amplifier Module

The TPA3110 module breaks out the TPA3110 dual-channel filterless class D amplifier IC from Texas Instruments. This IC needs some peripheral components to function correctly, which are all present on the module.

The module itself is made by various manufacturers and hence has no standard pinout or layout. The inputs and outputs are almost always labeled. An example is shown in the figure below.

TPA3110 Audio Amplifier

The R, L, and GND pins form the input. Although the IC has dual differential inputs, the respective negative input pins are grounded. Each R and L input can act as a separate audio amplifier. However, they are designed to be connected to a stereo audio output, such as that from a TRR socket.

The IC accepts voltages in the range of 8V to 24V, meaning at the lower end, it could also be powered from a 9V battery. However, to achieve the full 15W per channel output power, a supply voltage of at least 16V is required.

The IC has two sets of outputs that are broken out on the module, R+, R-, L+, and L-. Each ‘R’ and ‘L’ channel has a differential output that can be connected directly to the two pins of a speaker.

Some modules also come with a heatsink to prevent high temperatures while operating at full power. It is also recommended to operate the module with good airflow to prevent over-temperature.

Component Datasheet

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