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TDA8932 Based Audio Amplifier Board

TDA8932 based Audio Amplifier Board module is a digital mono amplifier module that provides 35 Watt output. This board uses a high-performance digital amplifier TDA8932 chip. Due to the small size, it is easily mounted in any small space-based DIY audio amplifier project. It has high efficiency, high power, good sound quality without additional installation of a radiator. Very suitable for the transformation of active speakers, electroacoustic project implementation, product development, and other audio applications.


Pin Description of TDA8932 Based Amplifier Board

Pin Name




Positive Input


Audio Input – Mono Signal


Negative Input (GND)


Positive Output


35W BTL output for Speaker


Negative Output (GND)


Power Positive


10V - 30V (Recommended 24V)


Power Negative (GND)


Features of TDA8932 Based Amplifier Board 

  • Working Voltage: DC 10V~30V, recommend voltage 24V
  • Current: More than 2A is required
  • Power output: 35W ×1 (mono)
  • Speaker Impedance: 4-8ohm (8 ohms optimum)
  • Circuit Configuration: Mono BTL output
  • PCB board size: 45 × 31 MM


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the TDA8932 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Alternative for TDA8932: TDA7279 (15W + 15W), TPA3118 (60W)


TDA8932 Based Amplifier Board Module - Overview

TDA8932 based Amplifier board module is a digital mono amplifier module that provides 35 Watt BTL output. The operating voltage requires a minimum of 10V to a maximum of 30V DC input. This amplifier also supports 4 Ohms to 8 Ohms of speakers that can be directly driven. However, for the best performance, it is recommended to use 24V DC input with an 8 Ohms speaker output. The on-board chip TDA8932 provides high efficiency and does not require any additional heatsinks. It is also commonly known as Bluetooth audio amplifier board tda8932 2x15w since it is used in Bluetooth audio applications.


At full output, the module requires more than 2A of current and switching power supply is recommended to get trouble-free operations.


Interfacing diagram

Interfacing of the TDA8932 Amplifier board is easy. The output can be directly connected with the 35W speaker. It is important to use a 35-Watt speaker with this amplifier module. Also, the power input can be directly soldered with the power input pin. It is also important to use power supply less than 30V rating with a minimum of 2A current rating.

TDA8932 Based Audio Amplifier Board



  1. Public address system
  2. Sound reinforcement system
  3. In domestic uses such as home- theatre system
  4. Instrument amplifier including guitar amplifier or keyboard amplifier


2D Model

The dimensions of the TDA8932 Based Amplifier module is shown below.

TDA8932 Audio Amplifier Board Dimensions


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