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LM35 Temperature Sensor

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Pin Configuration:

Pin Number

Pin Name




Input voltage is +5V for typical applications


Analog Out

There will be increase in 10mV for raise of every 1°C. Can range from -1V(-55°C) to 6V(150°C)



Connected to ground of circuit


LM35 Regulator Features:

  • Minimum and Maximum Input Voltage is 35V and -2V respectively. Typically 5V.
  • Can measure temperature ranging from -55°C to 150°C 
  • Output voltage is directly proportional (Linear) to temperature (i.e.) there will be a rise of 10mV (0.01V) for every 1°C rise in temperature.
  • ±0.5°C  Accuracy
  • Drain current is less than 60uA  
  • Low cost temperature sensor
  • Small and hence suitable for remote applications
  • Available in TO-92, TO-220, TO-CAN and SOIC package

Note: Complete Technical Details can be found at the datasheet give at the end of this page.


LM35 Temperature Sensor Equivalent:

LM34, DS18B20, DS1620, LM94022

How to use LM35 Temperature Sensor:

LM35 is a precession Integrated circuit Temperature sensor, whose output voltage varies, based on the temperature around it. It is a small and cheap IC which can be used to measure temperature anywhere between -55°C to 150°C. It can easily be interfaced with any Microcontroller that has ADC function or any development platform like Arduino.

Power the IC by applying a regulated voltage like +5V (VS) to the input pin and connected the ground pin to the ground of the circuit. Now, you can measure the temperate in form of voltage as shown below.

LM35 temperature measurement in form of voltage

If the temperature is 0°C, then the output voltage will also be 0V. There will be rise of 0.01V (10mV) for every degree Celsius rise in temperature.  The voltage can converted into temperature using the below formulae.

LM35 Temperature Voltage Formulae


LM35 Temperature Sensor Applications:

  • Measuring temperature of a particular environment
  • Providing thermal shutdown for a circuit/component
  • Monitoring Battery Temperature
  • Measuring Temperatures for HVAC applications. 


2D model of the component (TO-92):

LM35 Temperature Sensor 2D Model

Component Datasheet

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