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TPS60403DBVR 60mA Charge Pump Voltage Inverter with Fixed 250kHz Operation

The TPS60403 is an unregulated charge pump voltage inverter IC from Texas instruments. It has a wide working voltage ranging from 1.6V to 5.5V. One interesting fact is that the TPS60403 requires only three 1uF capacitor to operate. Instead of using external Schottky diode the TPS60403 uses internal circuitry for the start up. The TPS60403 typical operates at 250kHz and can deliver a maximum current of 60mA with a typical conversion efficiency of 90%. It comes in a 5 pin SOT-23 package.

TPS60403 Pinout Configuration

1 OUT O Power output with VO = -VI Bypass OUT to GND with the output filter capacitor CO.
2 IN I Supply input. Connect to an input supply in the 1.6-V to 5.5-V range. Bypass IN to GND with a capacitor that has the same value as the flying capacitor.
3 GND   Ground Pin
4 CFLY-   Negative terminal of the flying capacitor
5 CFLY+   Positive terminal of the flying capacitor


  • Inverts Input Supply Voltage
  • Up to 60-mA Output Current
  • Only Three Small 1-μF Ceramic Capacitors Needed
  • Input Voltage Range From 1.6 V to 5.5 V
  • PowerSave-Mode for Improved Efficiency at Low- Output Currents 
  • Device Quiescent Current Typical 65 uA
  • Integrated Active Schottky-Diode for Start-up into Load
  • Small 5-Pin SOT-23 Package 

Other popular charge pump voltage inverters

TC7660, ICL7660, LM27762, LM2776, TPS60401, MAX232
Note: Complete technical details can be found in the TPS60403 datasheet at this page’s end.

Application Circuit

The following image shows the typical application circuit for the TPS60403

TPS60403 Application Circuit


As you can see the only required external components are the three 1 uf Capacitors. Two are for input and output bypass capacitors and the other one is for the charge pump function.


  • LCD Bias
  • GaAs Bias for RF Power Amps
  • Sensor Supply in Portable Instruments
  • Bipolar Amplifier Supply
  • Medical Instruments
  • Battery-Operated Equipment

2D-Model and Dimensions

Below is the 2D CAD drawing of TPS60403 along with its dimensions in millimeters. The dimensions can be used to create custom footprints of the module and be used for PCB or CAD modelling. 


TPS60403 2d -Model and Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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