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ICL7660 Charge Pump DC-DC Converter IC

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ICL7660 is a charge pump voltage converter IC used to invert the input voltage. This IC can be found in instrumentation and memory circuits. If you looking for low current dual supply voltage design then this IC is the correct choice.


 PIN NUMBER                PIN NAME                              DESCRIPTION
            1            No Connection             No internal connection
            2            Capacitor +             Connect to positive terminal of capacitor
            3            Ground             Connect to ground
            4            Capacitor -             Connect to negative terminal of capacitor
            5            Output             Output voltage pin
            6            Low Voltage             Connect to ground for low voltage operation (<3.5 V)
            7            Oscillator             Connect to external oscillator if required 
            8            Positive Supply             Input voltage for the IC



  • CMOS voltage converter IC
  • Input voltage(Vin): 1.5V to 10V
  • Simple Voltage Multiplication (VOUT) = (-) nVIN
  • Output Current: 40mA (max)
  • Requires only 2 external capacitors



LM27762, LM2776, TPS60401, MAX232


ICL7660 Equivalents:

MAX1044, TC7660, LTC1044, LTC1046


How to use ICL7660:

 The ICL7660 is a monolithic CMOS charge pump IC which performs voltage inversion from (+1.5 to +10V) to (-1.5V to -10V) with negligible losses. The IC comes as 8 pin PDIP and SOIC package from the manufacturers. As mentioned above, this IC can be used to invert the voltage. The basic circuit and some application circuits can be found on the datasheet and application note. The IC requires only two external capacitors for voltage inverting application circuits. The capacitors values are predefined values given in the datasheet. The two capacitors are connected as per the polarity in the circuit. Especially, the positive and negative pins of output capacitor C2 must be connected to the ground and the pin 5 of the ICL7660. The basic voltage inverting circuit is given below.


IC L7660 Circuit Diagram


Basically the IC operates in 10kHz using the built-in oscillator. The IC can be synchronized to an external clock using the OSC pin(pin7) of the IC. The IC has internal voltage regulator (pin6) to prevent device latch up and internal damage. For low voltage operation, this pin must be connected to ground for optimal performance.



  • Personal Communications Equipment
  • Op-Amp power supplies
  • Memory power supplies
  • Handheld Meters



The Dimensions of ICL7660 can be found below.


2D Model of ICL7660


Component Datasheet

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