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Two-wire Serial EEPROM AT24C512

The AT24512 is a 512 Kilo Bit, 8-pin EEPROM IC. The memory of 512K is internally organized as 512 pages of 128-bytes each. The IC has a wide input voltage range of 1.7V to 5.5V DC. It can retain memory for up to 40 years. The IC can communicate to an MCU/MPU easily using the I2C communication protocol.


Features and Specification

This section mentions some of the important features and specifications of AT24C512 IC.

  1. Maximum Operating Voltage: 5.5V DC
  2. DC Output Current: 5mA
  3. Operating Temperature: 55°C to +125°C
  4. Voltage on the pin with respect to the ground: -1V to 7V DC
  5. 100,000 Write Cycles
  6. Data retention up to 40 years


Note: More technical information can be found in the AT24C512 Datasheet, linked at the bottom of this page.


Pin configuration

The EEPROM IC consists of 8 pins. The table below explains the pin configuration of the AT24C512 IC.

Pin Number

Pin Type

Pin Description



Address Input



Address Input



Not Connected






Serial Data



Serial Clock



Write Protect



Positive Voltage Input


Working and Connections 

Connecting and using an EEPROM device with a microcontroller or a microprocessor is pretty easy. The IC communicates to the MCU via the I2C protocol. The diagram below can be followed as per the image.

Serial EEPROM IC with MCU Circuit Connection

Since the IC communicates via I2C protocol. The SDA and SCL of the IC first need to be pulled up using two 4.7K ohm resistors and then connected to the SDA and SCL pins of the MCU/MPU, respectively.


The A0 and A1 pins are for the address input, it is used when multiple devices are connected over the I2C bus to provide a unique address to each. Here, in our case, we can connect them to the ground. The WP(Write Protect) pin is for hardware and software data protection. Only when the WP pin is put to logic 0 r connected to ground the data can be written or erased. So in our circuit, we have connected it to the ground.


Alternatives for AT24C512 EEPROM IC

24C32, 24C16, AT24C256


Available packages 8-lead TSSOP, 8-Lead PDIP, 8-lead SOIC, 8-ball dBGA2, 8-lead Leadless Array, 8-lead SAP



Here are some of the applications of the EEPROM IC.

  1. Data loggers
  2. Storage devices
  3. Additional Flash memory to MCU
  4. Audio/Video Devices


2D Model 

Below is the 2D model of AT24C512 EEPROM IC with its dimensions in millimeters and inches. The following information can be used for designing custom footprints of the IC and be used while PCB Designing and CAD modelling.

AT24C512 EEPROM IC Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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