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MBR20100CT Dual Schottky Diode

The MBR20100 is a dual Schottky diode with common cathode in a To-220 Package for high current applications. Each diode has a forward current of 10A, hence the IC can push upto 20A through it with a peak reverse voltage of 100V


Pin Configuration

Pin Number

Pin Name




Anode of first Schottky Diode


Common Cathode

Cathode of both Schottky Diodes



Anode of second Schottky Diode



  • Dual Schottky Diode
  • Common Cathode Type
  • Forward Current: 20A for dual diode at 50% duty cycle 
  • Forward Voltage drop: 0.9V (per leg)
  • Peak Reverse Voltage: 100V
  • Reverse Current: 6mA
  • Rate of charge (dv/dt): 10k V/us
  • Available in To-220 Package

Note: Complete Technical Details can be found at the MBR20100 datasheet given at the end of this page.


Other dual package 



Other Schottky Diodes

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Where to Use MBR20100 Diode

The MBR20100 is a rectifier dual diode that is commonly used in Converter circuits. The package consists of two diodes in parallel increasing the current rating and reducing the package size and cost. Since the Schottky diodes are faster and efficient (low voltage drop) they are commonly preferred over normal diodes provided the reverse voltage is need not be high. 

Also since the diode package has common cathode it can be used in protection circuits and filter circuits for voltage clamping. So if you are looking for a high current dual Schottky diode then MBR20100 might be the right choice. 


How to Use MBR20100 Diode

Using the MBR20100 is pretty much straight forward; the package has only three pins because the cathode pins are tied together and provided as single output pin as shown in the pinouts image above. The Anode pin of both the diodes are given as pin 1 and Pin 3 which can be combined if the diode has to be used as a single device, else it can also be used as different pins for voltage clamping or Protection circuits. 

When the device conducts in forward voltage it can supply upto 20A when both diodes are combined (10A each) with a voltage drop of only 0.8V (per leg) at 125°C. Care should be taken that the diode does not experience high reverse voltage since the Peak reverse breakdown voltage is only 100V. Also the forward voltage drop can be as high as 1V when operating with high forward current, more details can be found at the MBR20100 datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.



  • Voltage regulators
  • AC-DC filters
  • Switching applications
  • Protection circuits
  • Line detectors
  • Device protection


2D Model (TO-220)

MBR20100 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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