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The TYN616 is a medium power SCR from ST Microelectronics that can switch loads of up to 16A and withstand up to 600V. It is used for medium power switching applications.


TYN616 Pinout Description

Pin Number

Pin Name




Cathode, current flows out of this terminal



Anode, current flows into this terminal



Gate, current through this terminal controls conduction between Anode and Cathode



Metal tab is connected to Anode



  • Max. voltage of 600V and max. current of 16A
  • Gate trigger current of 25mA
  • 23mΩ dynamic resistance
  • 1W power dissipation in TO-220 package


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the TYN616 SCR datasheet linked at the end of this page.


Equivalent for TYN616 SCR

2N658, S8016, FS16


Other SCR:

BT151, BT152, BT169


How To Use TYN616 SCR

The TYN616 is a general-purpose, medium power SCR that can switch currents of up to 16A and withstand voltages of up to 600V. SCRs are latching switches, meaning that once they are turned on, they remain on until the current passing through them drops below a certain value, known as holding current. In this case, the holding current is around 60mA. Another parameter, called the latching current, is the minimum current threshold needed to continue maintaining the SCR in on state after it has been turned off, this current is around 40mA. There is also a minimum gate current needed to maintain conduction, this current, called the gate trigger current, amounts to 25mA.

The peak currents an SCR can handle are rated in terms of main frequency, but if the pulse duration is shorter, the SCR can handle much higher currents. This is shown in a graph of ITSM vs. pulse width. The ultimate limitation is the change in current with time through the SCR, with the peak current being 1kA for around 100us.

SCR Current Graph



  • Lamp dimmers
  • Motor drivers
  • Phase angle controllers


2D Model and Dimensions

TYN616 SCR Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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