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XC6206 Low ESR Voltage Regulator

XC6206 is a highly precise voltage regulator with low power consumption (1.0 µA) and low dropout voltage of 250 mV at 100 mA. Maximum operating voltage for XC6206 is 6.0 V and output voltage range is 1.2 V to 5 V. This regulator provides large current with a significantly small dropout voltage.


         Pin No.             Pin Name                         Description
            1                VSS                         Ground Pin
            2                Vin                Regulated Voltage Input
            3                Vout               Regulated Voltage Output



  • Input Supply Voltage: 1.8 V to 6V
  • Output Voltage: 1.2 V to 5V 
  • Continuous Output Current: 200 mA
  • Drop-out Voltage: 250 mV at 100 mA
  • Power Consumption: 1.0 µA
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: -40℃~ +85℃
  • Available in SOT-23, SOT-89, USP-6B  Packages

Note: The Complete Technical Details can be found at the XC6206 datasheet given at the end of this page.


Equivalent for XC6206XC6216

Alternative LDO Regulators: AMS1117, MIC5225, MIC5205


XC6206 Introduction

XC6206 is a low ESR capacitor compatible positive LDO voltage regulator from Torex semiconductor. The XC6206 series are highly precise, low power consumption, 3 terminal, positive voltage regulators manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. XC6206 voltage regulator has a current limiter circuit, a driver transistor, a precision reference voltage and an error correction circuit. Maximum operating voltage for XC6206 is 6V while the output voltage range is 1.2 V to 5 V.


How to use the XC6206

Using XC6206 is very simple as we have to connect only three pins. Vin pin of XC6206 is connected to input supply voltage through a 1 µf ceramic capacitor. Ceramic capacitor is used to reduce the input noise. VSS pin is connected to ground and regulated output is obtained from the Vout pin. The application circuit for XC6206 is given below.

Application Circuit Diagram Of XC6206 Low ESR Voltage Regulator



  • Smart phones / Mobile phones
  • Portable game consoles
  • Digital still cameras / Camcorders
  • Digital audio equipments
  • Reference voltage sources
  • Multi-function power supplies


2D-Model (SOT-23)

2D Model Of XC6206 Low ESR Voltage Regulator


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