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Wide Range of New Rotary, Slide and Encoder Potentiometers for Audio Applications

Pro-Audio Rotary Potentiometers
Pro-Audio Rotary Potentiometers

TT Electronics has Introduced ten new Potentiometer; five rotary potentiometer families, four slide potentiometer families and one encoder series as an expansion to their audio portfolio. The new rotary potentiometer families (P161, P162, P163, P164, P165) feature metal shaft and bushing along with options for vertical or horizontal PCB mounting. The new rotary potentiometers offer a wide resistance from 1KΩ to 1MΩ and they are IP 40 rated.


The new slide potentiometer families (PSS1, PSS2, PSL2, and LM1001) offer a wide resistance range from 1KΩ to 1MΩ with a slide travel option ranging from 20mm to 100mm. The new LM1001 is the TT’s first motorized slide potentiometer which is useful when the ability to jump to preset positions or physical feedback from virtual controllers is desired. The IP 40 rated EN09 encoder series is highly reliable with 10 pulses per rotation and a push-on switch option (non-latching).


For further technical information about the P161, P162, P163, P164, P165, PSS1, PSS2, PSL2, LM1001, and EN09 Potentiometers, visit TT Electronics website using the respective links. The datasheet for the Rotary Potentiometers is also attached below.

Component Datasheet

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