Ultra-Compact AEC-Q101 Qualified MOSFETs in 1.0 mm × 1.0 mm DFN1010 Package for High-Density Automotive Applications

AEC-Q101 Qualified MOSFETs from RECOM
AEC-Q101 Qualified MOSFETs from RECOM
AEC-Q101 Qualified MOSFETs from RECOM

ROHM has introduced the ultra-compact AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs, namely RV8C010UN, RV8L002SN, and BSS84X. With the best in class package size of 1mm2 with automotive-grade reliability and it is suitable to be used in high-density applications such as ADAS and automotive ECUs.


In the automotive parts, the automated optical inspection (AOI) is performed after mounting for better reliability, but with bottom electrode components the solder joint cannot be verified since the terminals are not visible. To overcome this issue ROHM has included original Wettable Flank technology to ensure an unprecedented side electrode height of 125μm in the 1.0 mm × 1.0 mm (DFN1010 packages) size.


Extremely high solder mounting reliability is achieved during AOI in automotive systems that require high quality. The new bottom electrode packaging also provides breakthrough miniaturization and high heat dissipation (up to 65% over SOT-23) making it suitable for ADAS and automotive ECUs featuring higher board densities.


The new MOSFETs are suitable for switching and reverse connection protection applications such as Autonomous driving control ECUs, car infotainments, Engine control ECUs, Drive recorders, and  ADAS applications.


Features of RV8C010UN/ RV8L002SN/ BSS84X

  • Leadless ultra-small and exposed drain pad for excellent thermal conduction SMD plastic package (1.0×1.0×0.4 mm)
  • Side wettable Flanks for automated optical solder inspection (AOI). Tin-plated 100% solderable side pads guarantees Min.125 µm
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • ESD protection up to 2kV (HBM)
  • Very fast switching


Note: More technical information can be found in the RV8L002SN Datasheet Linked at the bottom of this page and on the respective product pages of RV8C010UNRV8L002SN, and BSS84X.

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