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TX3 Series: Solid Tantalum Molded Chip Capacitors for Electronic Detonation Systems

TX3 Series: Solid Tantalum Molded Chip Capacitor
TX3 Series: Solid Tantalum Molded Chip Capacitor

TX3, a new series introduced by Vishay is a TantamountTM  surface-mount solid tantalum chip capacitor specially designed for remote detonation systems. These devices enhance performance and reliability with a mechanical design with low leakage current (DCL) and stringent testing specifications. They deliver more energy and thus ensure proper ignition. These devices combine tantalum anode technology and dielectric formation which in turn ensures stable electric performances in various harsh environments. In addition to all the above, the devices’ capacity element and lead frame are encapsulated by hard plastic resin.

The TX3 series devices provide a capacitance range from capacitance range from 10 𝜇F to 100 𝜇F over voltage ratings from 16 V to 25 V and a capacitance tolerance down to 土 10%. Along with these, the features of ESR from 0.700 W to 2.3 W at +25℃, ripple current to 0.438 A, and high-temperature operation to +125℃ makes them ideal for remote detonation systems.


  • Low DCL of 0.005CV
  • ESR from 0.700W to 2.3W at +25℃
  • Capacitance tolerance down to 土 10%
  • Higher shock (100g) and vibration (20g) capabilities
  • Ripple current to 0.438 A
  • High temperature operation to +125℃
  • Capacitance range from 10 𝜇F to 100 𝜇F
  • Voltage ratings from 16 V to 25 V


  • Electronic Detonation Systems
  • Commercial tantalum capacitors and MLCCs
  • Mining and demolition applications
  • DC/DC Converters


Samples and production quantities of TX3 are now available in the B (EIA 3528-21) and C (EIA 6032-28) case sizes with lead times of 10 to 12 weeks.

Component Datasheet

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