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Triaxis Hall Magnetic Sensing Technology-based MLX90392 Three-axis Magnetic Field Sensor for Cost-Conscious Applications

MLX90392 Three-axis Magnetic Field Sensor
MLX90392 Three-axis Magnetic Field Sensor

Melexis has introduced the MLX90392 three-axis magnetic field sensor that can operate from a 1.8V power rail shared with other components such as logic devices. Without the need for a dedicated LDO or regulator, the MLX90392 can deliver simplified designs, reduces bill-of-materials costs, and saves PCB space. In a 2 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.4 mm UTDFN-8 ultra-thin no-lead 8-pin package, the device features a 1.5 µA power-down mode that helps in saving energy and maximizing runtime in battery-powered applications.


The integrated thermal sensor and I2C communication protocol of the MLX90392 allow it to offer 16-bit position measurements in X, Y, Z axes and temperature onto the I2C bus operating at up to 1MHz. Users can choose between ±50 mT and ±5 mT full-scale range for leveraging Melexis’ patented Triaxis Hall technology to deliver low noise and best-in-class accuracy.


The ±50 mT range is ideal for position measurement in HMI applications, door-closure detection in white goods and access-control systems, anti-tamper for smart meters, and contactless joysticks that save the power dissipated by the traditional position sensing with the potentiometer. Whereas the ±5 mT including the sensitivity of 0.15 µT/LSB and typical RMS noise down to 0.3 µT can be used for position sensing that requires a small magnetic range, and for precise position measurement where noise is a critical design parameter.


Features of MLX90392 Three-axis Magnetic Field Sensor

  • 3-axis magnetometer device suitable for compass and position sensors applications Hall Technology®Triaxis
  • Suitable for space-constrained applications (only 2 x 2,5 x 0.4mm)
  • Compatible with I2C FM+
  • Low power application—Power-down current of 1.5uA
  • Supply voltage of 1.8V
  • Ambient temperature range from -40degC to 85degC
  • Digital Output: 16-bit Magnetic (XYZ); 16-bit Temperature
  • At runtime selectable modes: Single Measurement; Continuous Mode up to 1.4kHz (XYZ)


Note: More technical information can be found in the MLX90392 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of MLX90392 Three-axis Magnetic Field Sensor.

Component Datasheet

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