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TPD4162F - High Voltage Intelligent Power Device (IPD) IC to Drive BLDC Motors

TPD4162F Intelligent Power Device (IPD) IC
TPD4162F Intelligent Power Device IC

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has introduced the TPD4162F, a high voltage intelligent power device (IPD) designed to drive motors in products such as air conditioners, air purifiers, and pumps. The TPD4162F is fabricated with a new process and packed in a surface mount package, it reduces the power dissipation by 10% lower than the Toshiba’s current IPD, TPD4152F which will help to lower power dissipation of devices into which it is integrated.


The output stage of the TPD4162F has been designed with various control circuits, and IGBTs and FRDs to support a direct drive of a brushless DC motor with square wave input signals from either a Hall sensor or a Hall IC without requiring a PWM controller IC. The build-in protection circuits of the device have reduced the peripheral count and its small surface-mount package (HSSOP31) has reduced the size and height of motor control boards.


Features of TPD4162F

  • High voltage: Power supply voltage (VBB)=600V
  • Low loss: Output saturation voltage rating (VCEsat)=2.0V (typ.) @IC=0.5A
  • FRD forward voltage (VF)=1.5V (Typ.) @IF=0.5A
  • Small and thin HSSOP31 package: 17.5x11.9mm (typ.), t=2.2mm(max)
  • Designed with 5V voltage regulator
  • Inbuilt PWM and 3-Phase decoder
  • Overcurrent, Thermal Shutdown and Undervoltage protection


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the TPD4162F product page.

Component Datasheet

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