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Toshiba Launches TLP3475W Photorelay High Frequency Switches for Semiconductor Testers

TLP3475W Photorelay
TLP3475W Photorelay

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has unveiled the TLP3475W, a photorelay in a compact WSON4 package optimized to enhance high-frequency signal transmission. Designed to reduce insertion loss and minimize power attenuation, this photorelay is ideal for semiconductor testers, particularly those requiring high-speed signaling and multiple relays. The TLP3475W significantly improves the transmission characteristics of high-frequency signals, reaching up to 20GHz (typ.) – approximately 1.5 times better than Toshiba's TLP3475S. Moreover, it features a remarkably thin WSON4 package with a height of just 0.8mm (typ.), making it the industry's smallest photorelay for enhanced high-frequency signal transmission. Its reduced height, 40% lower than Toshiba's ultra-small S-VSON4T package, facilitates efficient board mounting and greater product integration. Toshiba aims to continue expanding its product lineup to support the evolving demands of semiconductor testers, incorporating higher speeds and greater functionality.


  • Industry’s smallest [3] WSON4 package: 1.45mm×2.0mm (typ.), t=0.8mm (typ.)
  • Improving to pass the high-frequency signals: f=20GHz (typ.) @Insertion loss(S21) = -3dB
  • Normally open function (1-Form-A)
  • It reduces insertion loss and enhances power attenuation suppression in high-frequency signals, making it suitable for semiconductor testers.
  • Allows more efficient board mounting, contributing to improved measuring efficiency.


  • Semiconductor testers (high-speed memory testers, high-speed logic testers, etc.)
  • Probe cards
  • Measuring equipment
Component Datasheet

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