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TLX9160T Photorelay: Normally Open (NO) 1-Form-A Photorelay for High Voltage Automotive Batteries

TLX9160T Normally Open (NO) 1-Form-A Photorelay
TLX9160T Normally Open (NO) 1-Form-A Photorelay

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched a normally open (NO) 1-Form-A photorelay TLX9160T that is housed in a SO16L-T package and is suited for high voltage automotive batteries. This device consists of an infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a photo-MOSFET and features a high output withstand voltage of 1500V (min). Moreover, it is adequate for automotive control applications with a battery voltage of 1000V or less in an environment with a pollution degree 2 since the creepage distance on the detector side is 5mm or more.



  • High output withstand voltage: VOFF=1500V (min)

  • Normally open (1-Form-A) device

  • Avalanche current rating: IAV=0.6mA

  • High isolation voltage: 5000 Vrms (min)

  • AEC-Q101 qualified



  • Automotive equipment

  • Battery Management Systems: battery voltage monitoring, mechanical relay sticking detection, ground fault detection, etc.

Component Datasheet

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