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Titanium Ti180 FPGA: 180K Logic Element Device with Low-Power Footprint Enables Highly Hardware Accelerated AI and ML Applications

Titanium Ti180 FPGA
Titanium Ti180 FPGA

Efinix has announced the launch of its Titanium Ti180 FPGA which is a 180K logic element device that delivers unprecedented performance in a cost-effective, low-power footprint and is designed to address the growing need for higher resolution, and higher bit depth sensors designed to maximize accuracy in AI and ML applications. Moreover, higher MIPI data rates enable sensor aggregation unlocking a cost-effective and flexible solution for applications in automotive and virtual reality markets.


This FPGA features a hardened LPDDR4 interface for ultimate bandwidth to external memory. A Linux-capable quad-core RISC-V processor makes it an ideal platform for high-performance embedded computing applications where high-speed access to large amounts of local storage is paramount. A low-power version of the Ti180 is also available without the LPDDR4 interface for applications where power consumption is the primary constraint.


The Ti180 FPGA is fabricated on the TSMC 16 nm process and leverages the cost-effective energy efficiency of that process to deliver this groundbreaking extension to the Titanium line.

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