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TCKE8xx – Electronic Fuse (eFuse) ICs for Power Supply Circuit Protection

TCKE8xx – Electronic Fuse (eFuse) ICs for Power Supply Circuit Protection
TCKE8xx – Electronic Fuse (eFuse) ICs for Power Supply Circuit Protection

Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation launched the TCKE8xx series, a line up of six eFuse ICs that support various functions needed for circuit protection in power supply lines. The conventional physical fuses such as the glass tube fuses and chip fuses that protect the circuit from over current are needed to be replaced once they break down, but in the case of eFuse ICs there is no need for replacing, the same IC can be used repeatedly even after a breakdown. The eFuse allows the designers to develop a simpler circuit by reducing the need for a number of components; it can be designed with fewer components and need a smaller area than the conventional Fuse.


Features of TCK8xx Series

  • Operates at an input voltage range of 4.4 to 18V and output current of 0 to 5.0A
  • Typical ON resistance is 28mΩ
  • Overcurrent limit accuracy: ±11% at Ta=-40 to +85, ILIM=4.38A
  • High-speed short circuit protection: tFastOffDly=150ns (Typ.) at Ta=-40 to +85
  • The fuses will either have a latched or Auto-retry recovery operation

Note: More technical details on TCKE805 eFuse can be found in its datasheet linked at the bottom of this page


The new TCKE8xx Series provides highly robust circuit protection by raising over current detection accuracy to a level beyond the normal fuses. As the eFuse also has a current clamp and voltage clamp for protection against over current and over voltage, they can also protect the circuits and maintain power supply by clamping voltage and current at a specified value even when excess overcurrent or overvoltage is applied. Their over-temperature and short-circuit protection functions protect circuits by instantly shutting off in the event of extreme overheating, or unexpected short-circuiting. All these characteristics allow the eFuse to help protect electronic equipment such as servers, Servers, SSDs, laptop PCs, game consoles, augmented reality, virtual reality equipment, and all the other electronic devices that need to withstand higher voltage and current.


At present, there are two products in the line up for shipment TCKE805NA and TCKE805NL, where the TCKE805NA is an auto-retry type that recovers automatically after breaking and the TCKE805NL is a latch-type that is recovered by and external signal. For more details about TCKE805NA and TCKE805NL visit the respective product page on the official website of Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation.

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