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STNRGPF02 - New Power Supply Controller IC for DSP and Microcontroller based Applications

STNRGPF02 Power Supply Controller IC
STNRGPF02 Power Supply Controller IC

STMicroelectronics has introduced the STNRGPF02 in a TSSOP38 package,  a new digital power supply controller for two channels interleaved boost PFC topologies that can be easily configured by eDesignSite software for faster circuit designing and selection of external components. The STNRGPF02 brings in the advantages of digital power to applications from 600W to 6kW along with greater integration than the DSP or microcontroller-based applications and also provides greater flexibility and faster design cycles than the typical analog approaches.


The STNRGPF02 has been designed for mechanical inrush-current control using an external relay or triac, and the digital inrush control with a solid-state device. Both controllers support programmable phase shedding, load feedforward, and burst mode to maximize energy efficiency.


The STNRGPF02 operates in a continuous-conduction mode (CCM) at a fixed frequency with average current-mode control. When the digital and analog controls are optimized correctly, it will combine a hardware analog Proportional-Integral (PI) compensator in the inner current loop and a digital PI controller in the outer voltage loop for providing the fast response. Cascaded control for the voltage and current loops regulates the output voltage by acting on the total average inductor current.


The configuration of the new device is done by inputting the converter specifications and running the Configurator by using eDesignSuite, it also generates a full schematic, Bill of Materials (BOM), and binary object code as firmware ready to download via the IC’s serial communication port, which greatly reduces the typical power-supply design cycle.


The safety of the device is ensured by the built-in protection features such as programmable fast-acting thermal and over-current protection (OCP), over-voltage protection (OVP), and soft-start management along with the PFC Fault and PFC OK status indicators.


The STNRGPF02 can be used in applications such as industrial motors, air conditioners, domestic and commercial appliances, cellular base-stations, telecom infrastructure, data center equipment, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). More information about the STNRGPF02 can be found on the official website of STMicroelectronics.

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