Specially Designed and Tested SpaceNXT K2TVA Thermopad Temperature Variable Attenuator for Gain Compensation over Temperature in Critical Space Flight Applications

SpaceNXT K2TVA Series Attenuators
SpaceNXT K2TVA Series Attenuators
SpaceNXT K2TVA Series Attenuators

The Thermopad Temperature Variable Attenuator, SpaceNXT K2TVA has been introduced by Smiths Interconnect for attaining gain compensation over the temperature in critical space flight applications. Supporting the critical applications, the device offers a highly reliable, totally passive solution to offset signal strength fluctuation due to temperature changes.


The K2TVA products are rated for 17-22GHz and 27-32Ghz with an excellent response in the specified band of application. These devices are suitable for use in various applications, including amplifier circuits, transmit/receive modules, up/down converters, instrumentation, satellite communications, and radars.


The SpaceNXT K2TVA series is capable of offering the attenuation shift over temperature with the help of its thick-film thermistor inks which are screen printed onto a ceramic substrate of alumina. With excellent TCA targeting, the device can attain the best attenuation flatness and Voltage Standing-Wace Ratio(VSWR) within the specified frequency.

The robust thick film process technology on an alumina substrate makes the device suitable for harsh environmental applications.  With a comparatively high-Temperature Coefficient of Attenuation (TCA) than the original KTVA series, the new devices provide more precise temperature compensation.


Features of SpaceNXT K2TVA Series Attenuators

  • Small Footprint
  • Multiple Mounting Configurations
  • Broad Specific Frequency Range
  • Low VSWR
  • Range of Attenuation Values
  • Multiple Temperature Shift Options
  • Tight Attenuation Tolerance
  • High-Reliability Options Available


Note: More technical information can be found in the SpaceNXT K2TVA Series Brochure linked at the bottom of this page and on the SpaceNXT K2TVA Thermopad Temperature Variable Attenuator product page.

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