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Space Splice 4 Way High Reliability Connector Series for Aerospace Applications

Space Splice 4 Way Connector Series
Space Splice 4 Way Connector Series

C&K has developed the Space Splice 4 Ways series High Reliability Connectors which are ideal for applications in aerospace systems, specifically satellites for applications like payload, harnesses, thermistor and multi layer insulators, where space and weight saving can be a critical factor. These Connectors feature low residual magnetism, high radiation and temperature resistance. These are Compliant to ESCC specifications 3401/097 Connectors and 3401/005 Removable Crimp Contacts. The Connectors have removable D*MA crimp type contacts standard.


Features and Benefits

  • Replacement of manual splices by standard solution

  • Compliant with ESA/ESCC specifications

  • Easy to use

  • Removable D*MA crimp type contacts standard

  • Compact format and designed to accept the most popular cable gauges

  • Non-outgassing

  • Low residual magnetism

  • High radiation and temperature resisntace (PEEK material)



  • High performance wires to wires connectors ESA qualified, for space applications.

  • Compliant to ESCC specifications 3401/097 Connectors and 3401/005 Removable Crimp Contacts

  • Suitable for use in Space, and high performance military/ aerospace applications: Board to Board, Board to Cable or Cable to Cable applications

  • Removable contacts (D*MA technology)

  • Cable sizes: AWG20, AWG22, AWG24, AWG26 and AWG28

  • 1 way and 4 ways connections available



  • Space equipment

  • Satellites harnesses and payloads

  • Avionics/ Military

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