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Single-Coil Fan and Pump Driver IC for Automotive Applications with Extended Lifetime

MLX90412GLW Single-Coil Driver IC
MLX90412GLW Single-Coil Driver IC

Melexis has expanded its MLX90412 product offering with a new MLX90412GLW single-coil pump/fan IC which is optimized to operate at high junction temperatures up to 160°C and is qualified to meet operating lifetime demand up to 15,000 hours. This new IC with integrated driver stage drives 15W pumps up to 135°C in ICEs and 20W pumps up to 85°C in EVs. This IC can be configured in a range of BLDC commutation options from sinewave mode, offering the lowest noise performance ideal for EVs over a high torque mode. Moreover, it offers low EMI mode, for ON/OFF applications requiring minimum external EMI filter components.


The MLX90412GLW IC can operate basic two-wire pumps with ON/OFF functionality and variable speed pumps through a PWM interface with diagnostics feedback in a four-wire pump. This device with Hall sensor technology can operate supply range from 3.5 V to 32 V and is robust up to 40 V. Additionally, it features short circuit protection, fast prototyping, and end-of-line programming.



  • All-in-one fan driver, including a motor controller, hall sensor and 0.35 Ohm driver

  • Up to 2.2 A motor current

  • Adaptive commutuation for best in class efficiency over the full speed range for any fan design

  • PWM control input

  • Operating supply range from 3.5 V to 32 V

  • Operating junction temperature from -40 to 160°C

  • AEC-Q100-Rev-H qualified packages



  • Air pump

  • Water pump

  • Axial fans

  • Radial blower

  • Cross blower

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