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Simplified Solar Splice Connectors for Reliable Outdoor Power Applications

RadCrimp Series of Solar Splice Connectors
RadCrimp Series of Solar Splice Connectors

Amphenol Industrial Sustainable Technologies expanded its RadCrimp series of solar splice connectors, introducing new options rated for 50A (8AWG) and 65A (6AWG) cables. This series eliminates the need for specialized crimping tools and addresses common field installation challenges.  The RadCrimp series adopts Melni Technologies' patented dual spiral termination technology to mitigate these issues. This design offers a fast, secure, and long-lasting connection with exceptional pull strength, surpassing traditional methods.

The RadCrimp connectors simplify installation by eliminating the need for specialized crimp tools, allowing technicians to strip wires, insert them into the connector, and tighten the end caps to the specified torque. This user-friendly design reduces training requirements and minimizes errors. Certified for 1500V DC operation and IP68 sealing, RadCrimp connectors ensure reliable performance in demanding solar applications. Their versatility extends to various outdoor power applications such as telecom, energy storage systems, lightning protection, and backup power generation, providing a practical solution for simplifying and securing solar splice connections, facilitating faster installation, improved reliability, and reduced field service challenges.


  • Current ratings: 50A (8AWG) and 65A (6AWG)
  • Eliminates need for specialized crimping tools
  • Robust construction: UL 6703 certified for 1500V DC, IP68 rated
  • Simple and fast termination
  • Field termination and sealing without special crimp tools
  • Available for 12~ 6 AWG PV wires


  • Solar PV installations
  • Field retrofits and repairs in solar installations
  • Other field terminations requiring sealed power connections
  • Telecom applications
  • Energy storage systems
  • Lightning protection
  • Backup power generation

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