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SIMO Power Management IC with Integrated Switching Charger Reduces BOM by 60% and Charges Wearables Four Times Faster

MAX77659 SIMO Power Management IC
MAX77659 SIMO Power Management IC

Analog Devices, Inc. has introduced a new MAX77659 single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC) with an integrated switch-mode buck-boost charger that delivers over four hours of playtime after a short, ten-minute charge, and uses a single inductor to power multiple rails, reducing the bill of materials (BOM) by 60 percent and shrinking total solution size by 50 percent. This PMIC charges wearables, hearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices faster and in less space than any other PMIC available today. It is suitable for applications like TWS earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, hearables, smart wearables, fitness bands, medical wearables, and hearing aids.


The IC features a dual-input SIMO buck-boost regulator that provides one charging rail and three independently programmable power rails from a single inductor to minimize total solution size. The regulators extend battery life by operating at 91 percent efficiency during moderate to heavy load conditions while consuming the only 5µA of quiescent current during light load conditions. The MAX77659 SIMO PMIC supports autonomous headroom control, which reduces heat dissipation by minimizing the voltage drop while providing enough headroom to regulate the charging current.



  • 3x Output, Single-Inductor Multiple-Output (SIMO) Buck-Boost Regulator

  • Supports Wide Output Voltage Range from 0.5V to 5.5V for all SIMO Channels

  • 1x 100mA LDO/LSW

  • Smart Power Selector Li+/Li-Poly Switching Charger

  • 2x GPIO Resources

  • Analog MUX Output for Power Monitoring

  • Factory-Ship Mode (< 200nA IQ)

  • Watchdog Timer

  • 0.3μA Shutdown Current

  • 5μA Operating Current (3 SIMO Channels + 1 LDO)

  • Charger Optimized for Small Battery Size

  • Input Operating Voltage from 3.4V to 5.5V

  • Programmable Fast-Charge Current from 7.5mA to 300mA

  • Programmable Battery Regulation Voltage from 3.6V to 4.6V

  • Programmable Termination Current from 0.375mA to 45mA

  • Thermal Regulation and JEITA Compliance



  • TWS Earbuds

  • Bluetooth Headphones, Hearables

  • Smart Wearables, Fitness Bands, and Medical Wearables

  • Hearing Aids

Component Datasheet

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