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SCM1733ASA – Current Mode PWM Controller with <75mW Standby Consumption

SCM1733ASA PWM Controller
SCM1733ASA PWM Controller

MORNSUN has introduced the SCM1733ASA, a new current mode PWM controller that could be used in wider application range at a lower price. The new controller can be applied to small and medium power flyback AC/DC converter with ultra-low standby consumption of <75mW, a maximum output power of 20W, built-in high-voltage MOS, and better price-performance.


When the ACDC IC is fully loaded the PWM switching frequency is fixed, when the load is reduced IC goes to the green mode and the switching frequency steps down and when it is on no-load or light load the IC is switched to intermittent mode to reduce consumptions. Multiple control modes can also provide soft start control and reduce MOS stress and frequency jitter control to obtain good EMI. The frequency of intermittent mode is higher than 22KHz without audio noise.


The SCM1733ASA is best suitable to be used in applications such as AC/DC adapter,set-top box power supply, auxiliary power supply, open switching power supply, etc.


Features of SCM1733ASA PWM Controller

  • Extra Low Standby consumption
  • Low VDD Startup and Operating  Current
  • Built-in 650V Power MOS
  • Fixed 65KHz switching frequency
  • Built-in leading-edge blanking and slope compensation
  • Power-on soft start for reducing MOS stress
  • EMI frequency jitter for Softened EMI Signature
  •  Audio Noise Free Operation
  • OCP Cycle –by- cycle Over Current Limiting
  • Has Low starting current for reliable startup and achieving low consumption
  • VDD under-voltage lockout with Hysteresis(UVLD), Over Load Protection (OLP) Over Temperature Protection(OTP), VDD Over Voltage Protection(OVP), and Output short circuit protection.


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the SCM1733ASA product page.

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