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ROHM Starts Mass Production of High-Performance 650V GaN HEMTs

New GaN HEMTs from ROHM
New GaN HEMTs from ROHM

ROHM has announced the mass production of two new Gallium Nitride (GaN) High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs), the GNP1070TC-Z and GNP1150TCA-Z. Developed in collaboration with Ancora Semiconductors, these GaN bias are optimized for a wide range of power force systems operations. GaN and SiC are pivotal paraphernalia that can meliorate the effectiveness of power supplies and motors, contributing to the achievement of a decarbonized society.

ROHM's bottommost GaN HEMTs deliver sedulity-leading performance and contribute to advanced effectiveness and lower size in power force systems. With an erected - in Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection element, the bias offer bettered electrostatic breakdown resistance of over 3.5 kV, leading to advanced operation responsibility. High-speed switching characteristics of GaN HEMTs also contribute to lower miniaturization of supplemental factors.

ROHM's EcoGaN™ lineup of GaN bias is designed to give lower energy operation savings and miniaturization. By promoting common development through strategic alliances, ROHM aims to contribute to working social issues by making operations more effective and compact. ROHM will continue to meliorate device performance, and its bottommost GaN HEMTs will help meliorate the effectiveness of power force systems, ultimately reducing energy consumption.

Key features for both products are:

  • High-performance GaN HEMTs
  • Optimized for power supply systems
  • Wide voltage range
  • ESD protection for improved reliability
  • Fast switching speed for miniaturization of peripheral components.

The GNP1070TC- Z and GNP1150TCA-Z can be found on ROHM’s website. You can check it out.

Component Datasheet

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