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Radiation Hardened, High Voltage Schottky Diodes and Rectifiers for Space Applications

Rad-Hard Schottky Diodes
Rad-Hard Schottky Diodes

STMicroelectronics has introduced the ESCC qualified 200V and 400V power rectifiers and SEB (Single Event Burnout) immune Schottky rectifiers. These rad-hard Schottky devices are the industry’s first SEB rated Schottky devices, they are available in the voltage range of 45V and 150V. These devices are radiation-hardened, hence they are best suitable for usage in many converter topologies and space applications.


There are five ESCC qualified dual common cathode Schottky parts including the STPS40A45C that contains a 45V/2x20A diode in a TO-254AA through-hole package. The STPS80A45C is designed with a 45V/2x40A diode, whereas the STPS60A150C and STPS80A150C are designed with 150V/2x30A and 150V/2x40A diodes all the three devices are packaged in an SMD.5 hermetic surface-mount package. The STPS40A150C 150V/2x20A is offered in TO254AA.


The rectifier diodes are the STTH40200C 200V/2x20A dual diode in TO-254AA, and the STTH60200C dual 200V/2x30A and STTH60400 single 400V/60A diode in hermetic SMD1. The voltage drop of the devices has four values of operating current to let multiple different power-supply designs use a single device type for ease and simplicity.


 Features of rad-hard Schottky diodes

  • Available in the voltage range of 45V and 150V
  • Can be directly connected to 100V and 28V satellite power buses
  • Maximum forward voltage at 40A/125°C:0.78V for 150 V devices, 0.61V for 45V devices
  • SEB immune up to 61MeV/cm2/mg linear energy transfer (LET)
  • Resist a total ionizing dose (TID) up to 3 Mrad (Si)
  • Maximum dV/dt of 10 kV/µs


Note: More technical information about the rad-hard Schottky diodes can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the respective product pages.

Component Datasheet

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