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Quectel Advanced KG200Z Module with Long-Range Connectivity Optimized for Diverse IoT Projects

KG200Z Module
KG200Z Module

Quectel Wireless Solutions introduced the KG200Z module, designed for IoT projects requiring reliable, long-range wireless communication. This module offers robust connectivity, covering distances of 2-5 kilometers in urban areas and 10-15 kilometers in suburban regions. It ensures stable connections, anti-interference features, strong penetration, and dependable data transmission. The KG200Z utilizes STMicroelectronics STM32WLEx series microcontrollers, incorporating LoRa technology and LoRaWAN protocol compatibility. Its features include power management, amplifiers, and various modulations supporting LoRaWAN standards across different frequency bands.

Quectel Wireless Solutions aims to accelerate IoT innovation, providing global support in cellular, GNSS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth modules, and antennas. With multiple interfaces like UART, SPI*, I2C*, and SWD, the module suits a wide range of applications. Its low power consumption significantly extends battery life, and compact size allows easy integration into different devices. Quectel provides two Sub 1GHz antennas compatible with LoRa technology – YEIN002AA and YE0019AA. These antennas offer flexibility for diverse project needs.


  • Long-range wireless tech
  • Stable, anti-interference connectivity
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact design, versatile interfaces
  • Transmission distances of 2-5 km in urban areas and 10-15 km in suburban regions.


  • Smart devices: locks, sensors
  • Tracking: pets, assets
  • Monitoring: air quality, utilities & HVAC
  • Smart parking and traffic monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Various IoT applications 

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