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QML-V-Certified High-Performance High-Density 144Mb QDR-II+ SRAM to Simplify On-System Satellite

144-Mbit QDR II+ SRAM
144-Mbit QDR II+ SRAM

Infineon Technologies has introduced the DLA Qualified Manufacturers List Class V (QML-V) certified next-generation 144-Mb Quad Data Rate II+ (QDR -II+) SRAM. The new radiation-hardened unique high-speed external cache memory 144-Mb QDR-II+ SRAM is an ideal solution for radar, on-board data processing, and networking applications in space. By reducing the overall complexity in radar and image processing applications, the new SRAM delivers higher performance for providing better resolution and faster processing speeds in on system satellite image processing.


The 144-Mb QDR II+ was originally developed as an industrial networking memory, but now they can be used as baseline design for rad-hard memory employing the RadStop technology, Infineon’s proprietary design, and process hardening techniques that enable a higher level of radiation performance while delivering the throughput demanded by space-bound applications. With a maximum operating frequency of up to 250 MHz, the new SRAM can deliver up to 36 Gbps throughput in a 165-ball Ceramic Column Grid Array (CCGA) package. The device is rad-hard for up to 200 krad(Si) and is latch-up immune, improving system reliability in harsh environments.


Features of 144-Mbit QDR II+ SRAM 

  • Separate independent read and write data ports: Supports concurrent transactions
  • 450-MHz clock for high bandwidth
  • Four-word burst for reducing address bus frequency
  • Double data rate (DDR) interfaces on both read and write ports (data transferred at 900 MHz) at 450 MHz
  • Available in 2.0-clock cycle latency
  • Two input clocks (K and K) for precise DDR timing: SRAM uses rising edges only
  • Echo clocks (CQ and CQ) simplify data capture in high-speed systems
  • Data valid pin (QVLD) to indicate valid data on the output


Note: More technical information can be found in the 144-Mbit QDR II+ SRAM Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of 144-Mbit QDR II+ SRAM.

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