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Programmable Baseband Layerscape Processors for 5G Access Edge from NXP

Programmable Baseband Layerscape Processors for 5G Access Edge from NXP
Programmable Baseband Layerscape Processors for 5G Access Edge from NXP

NXP Semiconductor announced a new series of programmable processors of that are designed for the 5G access Edge applications. The new Layerscape access processors can be used for applications that are compliant with O-RAN Alliance specifications and delivers unprecedented level of control over 5G-NR software architecture to support different network options. With the new programmable open- architectures, and scalable-Layerscape Access products, NXP help to build out the network infrastructure where there are a variety of architectures, spectrum and evolving standards.

The NXP has a EdgeVerse portfolio of solutions to deliver various 5G solutions such as antenna-to-processor, NXP’s programmability, Performance and security products that scale from 2x2 systems to mMIMO arrays to 100Gbps Central Units/Distributed Units (CU/DU) Platform. They also include the NXP Airfast family of RF cellular multi-chip modules.


Features of the new programmable processors 

  • Innovative, software-defined baseband processors with integrated programmable vector engines; supporting evolving standards and deployment configurations.  
  • Advanced data converters deliver flexible sub-6GHz or mmWave 5G radio options, reduces bill-of-materials (BOM) cost, power, and complexity.
  • Zero I/F interface for low-power, flexible mix-and-match vendor transceiver options from sub-6GHz to mmWave.


Processors Family details: 

Each Family of processors has their own specifications

  • LA1200 family: software-defined baseband processors for mmWave or sub-6GHz: RUs, Integrated Small Cells, and CPEs.These teraflop-class devices, with integrated forward error correction, are also ideal for DU offload applications.
  • LA9350 family: cost-effective programmable baseband processor, addresses lower transceiver density 5G sub-6GHz and millimeter-wave markets such as RUs or enterprise and industrial applications.
  • LA9310 family: NXP’s most power-efficient software-defined baseband processors designed for 5G timing detection, aerospace, and defense applications.


The New Layerscape Access is developed for the various scenarios compliant with O-RAN Alliance specifications, including Central Units/ Distributed Units (CU/DU), Radio Units (RUs), along with Integrated Small Cells and Customer Premises Equipment(CPE) systems. The new Layer Scape Access Processors are scheduled to be delivered as samples to the pre-registered customers in the first quarter of 2020, along with the proof of concept development platform.

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