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PQC-O Series: Isolated Dc-Dc Converters Designed to Meet the Needs of Telecom Applications

PQC-O Isolated Dc-Dc Converters
PQC-O Isolated Dc-Dc Converters

CUI Inc has introduced the PQC30-O, PQC50-O and PQC75-O series to expand its line of isolated dc-dc converters. These new converters are designed with a 36~75 Vdc input range and are presented in an economical and slim, open-frame, 1/16th brick form factor. This PQC-O series is specially tailored for telecom applications, adhering to CE and UKCA certifications. These converters come equipped with a range of protective features to safeguard the system and enhance its longevity. The built-in protections include output over-current protection, input under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and short-circuit protection.


The PQC-O series comes with additional features alongside their EN 62368 certification. These features include an extended temperature range (-40 to +105 C) and remote on/off. With up to 92% efficiency, a single regulated output, and a 2:1 input range, the PQC-O series proves to be an advanced and reliable choice in IoT, consumer, and industrial industries.



  • Industry standard DOSA 1/16 brick

  • 2:1 input range (36~75 Vdc)

  • -40 ~ 85°C operating temperature

  • Over-current, input under-voltage, over-voltage and output short-circuit protection

  • Remote on/off control

  • EN/BS EN 62368 certified



  • IoT

  • Consumer

  • Industrial

Component Datasheet

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