PLEA67 Series of Inductors with Unique Magnetic Shield Structure to Reduce Magnetic Flux Leakage in TWS Devices

PLEA67 Series Inductors
PLEA67 Series Inductors
PLEA67 Series Inductors

TDK has introduced the PLEA67 Series of inductors for small power systems in TWS devices like wireless earphones used with smartphones, hearing aids, portable players, and communication modules (GPS, Bluetooth, etc. In addition to an impressive rated current of 500 mA, these inductors have extremely small external sizes, measuring 1.0 mm (L) x 0.6 mm (W) x 0.7 mm (H), respectively.


The small-sized components offer the inductance of 2.2 μH. The compact external size facilitates space-saving in circuit board design and helps reduce the weight of earphones, providing users with mobility comfort. The magnetic shield structure reduces magnetic flux leakage to pave the way for high-density implementation.


Key Features of PLEA67 Series Inductors

  • Compact size of 1.0 mm (L) x 0.6 mm (W) x 0.7 mm (H) to facilitate space saving
  • Rated current of 500 mA attained in the compact size for space-saving
  • Flux leakage reduction structure opening the way for high-density implementation
  • Thin-film power inductor based on the thin-film processing techniques and metallic magnetic materials
  • Due to the high magnetic permeability magnetic material, it has both high inductance of 2.2uH and low DC resistance
  • The low-loss magnetic material makes it possible to achieve low AC loss and provides a highly efficient power supply circuit in solutions that emphasize AC loss


Note: More technical information can be found in the PLEA67 Series Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the PLEA67 Series product page.

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