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New Photorelays in Compact P-SON4 Package with Small Mounting Area for Measuring Equipment Applications

Photorelays in P-SON4 Package from Toshiba
Photorelays in P-SON4 Package from Toshiba

Toshiba Electronics has introduced three photorelays namely TLP3480, TLP3481, and TLP3482 in a new package, P-SON4 which is highly suited to high-density mounting. The package has a mounting area of 7.2mm2 (typ.) which approximately 74% smaller than the 2.54SOP4 package and 84% smaller than the 2.54SOP6 package.


P-SON4 package features low ON-resistance by using Toshiba’s latest MOSFET chips in the receiver. The photorelays included in the package have an OFF-state output terminal voltage rating and ON-state current rating comparable with products housed in SOP package products, with ratings ranging from 30V and 4.5A to 100V and 2A depending on the device. To be specific, TLP3480, TLP3481, and TLP3482 have high ON-state-current ratings of 4.5A, 3A, and 2A.


TLP3480, TLP3481, and TLP3482 can be used in a wide range of measuring equipment applications. Additionally, these photorelays included in the package can be used as semiconductor testers (memory, SoC, LSI, etc.), probe cards, and I/O interface boards.


Features of TLP348x Phot Relays

(i)    TLP3480: OFF-state output terminal voltage rating: 30V, ON-state current rating: 4.5A

(ii)   TLP3481: OFF-state output terminal voltage rating: 60V, ON-state current rating: 3A

(iii)  TLP3482: OFF-state output terminal voltage rating: 100V, ON-state current rating: 2A


The company has already started the shipment of the P-SON4 package comprising of TLP3480, TLP3481, and TLP3482 photorelays.


Note: More technical information can be found in the TLP3480 datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the TLP3480, TLP3481, TLP3482 product page.

Component Datasheet

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