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New STM32U5 Microcontrollers for increased Performance and Energy Efficiency in IoT Applications

STM32U5 Microcontrollers
STM32U5 Microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics has expanded its STM32 family of advanced microcontrollers (MCUs) with extra STM32U5 devices that raise performance while squeezing power consumption for longer runtimes and energy efficiency. The STM32U5 has also received NIST embedded random-number entropy source certification; the industry’s first to receive this endorsement.

The new MCUs extend the range of code and data storage to 128Kbyte Flash for cost-sensitive applications, while also adding high-density versions for complex applications and sophisticated smartphone-like user interfaces. Among these, the STM32U59x/5Ax with 4Mbyte Flash and 2.5Mbyte SRAM has the largest on-chip memory of any STM32 MCU to date.

With their increased capabilities, the new MCUs enhance deeply embedded applications like environmental sensors, industrial actuators, building automation, smart appliances, wearable devices, eMobility controls, and others, especially in remote, difficult to access locations. As billions of such devices are being deployed worldwide for smart living and working, ST’s new MCUs accelerate progress by boosting performance, enhancing energy efficiency, and strengthening cybersecurity.

The STM32U5 series leverages the latest generation, the Cortex-M33, which incorporates advancements that increase performance, energy efficiency, and resistance to online and hardware attacks. Around this core, ST has added its ultra-low-power MCU knowhow and implemented an architecture that leverages established Arm principles for superior cybersecurity. Some devices in the series provide a 2.5D graphics accelerator.

The new STM32U5 devices are scheduled to begin volume production in Q2 2023. MCUs will be available from ST’s eStore and distributors, priced from $2.15 for orders of 10,000 pieces. Please contact your local ST sales office for other pricing options.

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