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New Single-Channel Isolated GaNFET Gate Driver IC Adds Critical Safety Features in High-power Energy Conversion Systems

Isolated GaNFET Gate Driver IC
Isolated GaNFET Gate Driver IC

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has announced the launch of AHV85111 isolated gate-driver IC which is the second product in its High Voltage Power portfolio. This new isolated gate-driver IC adds critical safety features while simplifying the design of high-power energy conversion systems for e-Mobility and clean energy applications, including OBC/DCDC, solar inverter and datacenter power supply. Building upon Allegro’s existing power-thru technology, the AHV85111 is designed to meet designer demands for a simple, streamlined and safe solution.


The AHV85111 gate driver adds bipolar-output, a critical feature that significantly improves time to market by eliminating the need to design a complicated negative isolated DC power supply and removing unnecessary external components. This solution also adds crucial safety features that were designed to protect against high operating temperatures in electric powertrain systems, as well as reactions to noisy environments that may be present in microinverters in solar applications, power supply in datacenter applications or on-board chargers for electric vehicles.


The AHV85111 gate driver packs all the benefits of Allegro’s power-thru technology, including 10x lower common-mode capacitance, a 50% smaller footprint, 10x noise reduction and a 50% efficiency improvement compared to competitor offerings, while also providing overtemperature protection that further improves the robustness of system.



  • Transformer isolation barrier

  • Power-Thru integrated isolated bias

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualification

  • Bipolar drive output with adjustable regulated positive rail

  • Built-in primary-side 3.3 V REF bias output

  • 50 ns propagation delay

  • Supply voltage 10.8 V < VDRV < 13.2 V

  • Undervoltage lockout on primary VDRV and secondary VSEC

  • Enable pin with fast response

  • Continuous ON capability—no need to recycle IN or recharge bootstrap capacitor

  • CMTI > 100 V/ns dv/dt immunity

  • Creepage distance 8.4 mm

  • Safety regulatory approvals



  • AC-DC and DC-DC converters: Totem-pole PFC, LLC half-/full-bridge, SR drive, multi-level converters, phase-shifted full-bridge

  • Automotive: EV chargers, OBC

  • Industrial: Data center, transportation, robotics, audio, motors

  • Clean Energy: Micro-, string, and solar inverters

Component Datasheet

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