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New Rugged Board-Mount DC/DC Converters from RECOM for Railway and Industrial Applications: Introducing the RPA40-FR Series

Rugged Board-Mount DC/DC Converters
Rugged Board-Mount DC/DC Converters

Power supply manufacturer RECOM, has announced the release of its latest RPA40-FR series of rugged, board-mount DC/DC converters, specifically designed for use in railway and industrial applications. With a wide input range of 36-160VDC and a reinforced isolation rating of 3kVAC/1min, the RPA40-FR series is suitable for use in harsh environments, where surge voltages and high temperatures may be encountered.

The RPA40-FR series is highly efficient, with peak efficiency of up to 90%, allowing for full load output to high ambient temperatures with natural convection cooling only. Furthermore, advanced thermal design enables operation in ambient temperatures of up to 105°C, with load derating and/or airflow. What's really impressive about these converters is their wide input voltage range of 36 – 160VDC, which covers nominal input voltages of 72V, 96V, and 110V with tolerances, dips, and surges. This flexibility makes them suitable for a variety of applications, especially in harsh environments where surge voltages and high temperatures might be encountered.

As far as certifications go, the RPA40-FR series holds safety certifications to UL/EN/IEC 62368-1, EN 45545-2, and EN 50155, and features a reinforced isolation rating of 3kVAC/1 min. The series meets EN 55032 class A EMC specification without external components, and can meet class B with the addition of a simple filter. The MTBF for the parts is 1.25MHrs according to MIL-HDBK 217-F (GB/25°C), making them a reliable choice for any application.



  • Wide 36-160 VDC input voltage range

  • 3kVAC/1min reinforced isolation

  • Typical efficiency up to 90%

  • Six-sided continuous shield

  • EN45545-2, EN50155, UL/IEC/EN62368-1 certified



  • RPA40-FR series DC/DC converters designed for railway applications

  • Industrial automation

  • Embedded systems

  • Networking and telecommunications

  • Medical equipment

  • Test and measurement equipment

  • LED lighting

  • Security systems

Component Datasheet

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