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New Radiation-Tolerant LE50-28 Power Converters for Space Applications

Radiation-Tolerant LE50-28 Power Converters
Radiation-Tolerant LE50-28 Power Converters

Microchip Technology has introduced a new family of Radiation-Tolerant (RT) LE50-28 isolated DC-DC 50W power converters. These converters are specially built to handle radiation and come in nine different types. They can produce power outputs from 3.3 volts to 28 volts. They meet a specific military standard called MIL-STD-461. Customers can choose between single or triple outputs depending on their voltage needs. They can also connect up to four converters together to increase the total power output to 200 watts. These converters are meant to be used in systems that operate on a 28-volt bus, and they can work alongside Microchip’s other electronic components like FPGAs, microcontrollers, and motor control sensors. 

These power converters are designed to work in tough environments like outer space. They have special features that protect them from radiation and other harsh conditions. Microchip's LE50-28 family of converters is built to handle radiation in space. They can tolerate up to 50 Krad Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and have Single Event Effects (SEE) latch-up immunity of 37 MeV·cm2/mg linear energy transfer. These features make them suitable for use in space applications.


  • Blends QML and COTS components
  • Combines radiation tolerance with lower screening needs
  • Cost-effective and quicker availability
  • Wide range of space solutions offered


  • Suitable for space applications
  • Includes FPGAs, power devices, memory products, communication interfaces, oscillators, microprocessors (MPUs), and MCUs
  • Available in various qualification levels
  • Largest qualified plastic portfolio for space use


LE50-28 single-output and LE50-28 triple-output variants are currently available for purchase.

Component Datasheet

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