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New OptiMOS 5 MOSFETs in TOLx Packages for High Power ECUs in 24 V-72 V Applications

OptiMOS 5 MOSFETs in TOLx Packages
OptiMOS 5 MOSFETs in TOLx Packages

Infineon Technologies AG has launched new products as part of its OptiMOS portfolio of automotive MOSFETs. These MOSFETs are designed for use in vehicle electrification, including 2- and 3-wheelers and light vehicles, alongside passenger cars. The new additions come in high-power packages named TOLL, TOLG, and TOLT.

One feature of these MOSFETs is their reduced gate threshold voltage (V GS(th)), which enables designs with parallel MOSFETs, boosting output power capabilities. There are three 60 V MOSFETs (IAUTN06S5N008, IAUTN06S5N008G, and IAUTN06S5N008T) and three 120 V MOSFETs (IAUTN12S5N017, IAUTN12S5N018G, and IAUTN12S5N018T) included in this launch.

These MOSFETs offer efficient switching performance and come with on-resistance (R DS(on)) ratings. The 120 V variants have R DS(on) values ranging from 1.7 mΩ to 1.8 mΩ, while the 60 V variants have 0.8 mΩ. This makes the 60 V MOSFETs suitable for applications like high-power 24 V supplied vehicles and HV-LV DCDC converters in electric vehicles (xEVs). The 120 V MOSFETs are intended for use in 48 V – 72 V supplied traction inverters, mainly for 2- or 3-wheelers and light electric vehicles.



  • Very low RDS(on)
  • High Avalanche capability
  • High SOA ruggedness
  • Fast switching times (turn on/off)
  • Leadless Packages w/ Cu-Clip
  • Leading thin wafer Cu-technology
  • Leading 300mm in-house production



  • Electric power steering
  • Power disconnect switches
  • Zone control units & E-fuse box
  • DC/DC
  • USB-Charging & Braking
  • All automotive applications
  • BLDC drives in a wide variety 
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